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Why SPONSOR or be a VENDOR at the Senior Expo and NEW Caregiver Expo?

Your business will be seen by:
•    Seniors (of course!)
•    Families & Caregivers
•    Social Workers
•    Hospitals
•    Clergy
•    HR Managers
•    Community Service workers
•    State & Federal Organizations

What makes this expo different?
•    We recognize the importance of social implications of senior solutions to businesses; creating a forum for support to HR Professionals to share with employees.
•    Affordable opportunity to network with other professionals; not just senior visibility.
•    One-stop shop for resources and education on senior-related opportunities.
•    Non-profit leadership-driven
•    Affordable registrations for businesses that participate
•    Easy registration process and payment

How will your business be seen?
•    Aggressive social media and website development for event
•    Print Media
•    Larger media sources